Since 1954 Heinrich Bareiss Prüfgerätebau GmbH has always been the technology leader for elastomer hardness test engineering. As his family members, we carry on the philosophy and vision of the founder Mr. Heinrich Bareiss and reflect them on our products and solutions which are successfully implemented worldwide today.

Our goal is to maintain the leading position on the market with high reliability of our products. It is a continuous challenge in the future for being the market leader and your reliable partner as we always have been.

Mr. Heinrich Bareiss 1954

Milestones of 60 years company history...


Bareiss has been an official DKD/DAkkS laboratory for 20 years.

In May we have introduced the HDA 325 - a high performance machine to carry out both hardness and density tests for up to 4000 samples per day.


Bareiss introduced the 3rd generation of the HPE. The digital handheld tester HPE III does not only measure the hardness but also the temperature of the sample as well as the temerature of the environment and huminity.


We celebrate 60 years Bareiss.


The company’s founder Mr. Heinrich Bareiss had passed away at the age of 88 in December. Since the founding of the company in 1954, he had always been our invaluable role model for his great vision, ideas and determinations. In the same year, Mr. Heinrich Bareiss had received the honor of the ultimate level of master mechanic from the Chamber of Craftsmanship for his 60 years of devotion to mechanical engineering.    


ISO 14001:2004 specifies requirements for an environmental management system to enable an organization to develop and implement a policy and objectives which take into account legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and information about significant environmental aspects


The German accreditation body has entitled Bareiss to perform “Mechanical Measurands Hardness (WPM) according to DIN EN/IEC 17025:2005” calibration services at the Bareiss laboratory and even on the customers’ premises. Bareiss is also authorized to issue official DakkS Certificates for such services. 

The range of the official calibration services that Bareiss can provide has extended to Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell hardness testers.


In order to cope with the growing Asian market, Bareiss Asia Limited was established in Hong Kong aiming to provide timely service and support to the Asian clients.


Bareiss received the Ökoprofit award, an acronym derived from Ecological Project For Integrated Environmental Technology.


The standard for soft materials which used to be called Supersoft has been re-standardized by Bareiss and named it VLRH (Very Low Rubber Hardness). It is recognized as DIN ISO 27588 by international standard committees.


Development of the fully automatic sample positioning device, Barofix II with options of two-point measurements on O-ring and specimen thickness measuring. Bareiss introduced the model V-Test, it’s first hardness tester for metal. The V-Test is a modularized system according to the standards of Vickers for the low load range.


The digital HPE II durometer was awarded a patent for its contact pressure system and data transfer to PC could be done by radio transmission.


Since October 2003, Bareiss has implemented a process orientated management system for quality with the requirements from C.O.C.P. (Client Oriented Capabilities and Processes) and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000  are fulfilled.  


The kal-rock measuring system was co-developed with PTB Braunschweig (National Metrology Institute) for the calibration of the penetration depth of Rockwell hardness testing machines.  


Bareiss introduced the revolutionary digi test in the new century.


The digital handheld durometer named HPE launched with features of data output, digital display and the patented contact pressure system. auf den Markt. Following with the new measuring procedure for soft elastic materials – the Supersoft measuring device was developed.


Bareiss developed the IRHD Micro Compact testing device with a patented approaching system.


Bareiss was accredited as the first official DKD calibration laboratory in Germany for calibrations of variable hardness for Shore and IRHD in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.


The U72 / 94A testing devices were the further developments of U72 / 80E with an automatic lowering system for IRHD.


Bareiss launched the portable HHP 2000 testing device for Shore A and D measuring ranges. The model has special features such as patented contact pressure system, digital display,  data output and storage functions and interchangeable stamps between Shore A and D.  The patented BAROFIX centring device for O-rings was ready.


The U72 / 80 E models started the era of using electronics in hardness testing. The integrated computer converts the measuring data to Shore or IRHD scale and it also enables the possibility of data output. In the same year, model BE 80 E, the successor to BE 62 has made hardness testing even easier, thanks to the new features of digital display and data output.


The model U73 was launched for application in pharmaceutical and food industries. It comes with special dial gauges for testing culture mediums and gelatine capsules.


Bareiss launched a universal testing device with time control function. The patented measuring device was developed with the focus to measure concave and convex surfaces specimen in Shore method. The measuring range successfully extended to IRHD method two years later.


The model BE 62 for testing on plates was developed. The device was the first in the market to come with integrated time control.


The first test stand, the BS 61, was launched onto the market. It is still being built today in a nearly unchanged design.


The company was founded by Mr. Heinrich Bareiss with the intention of developing the best mechanical hardness testers.


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