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Rental equipment

Our special service

For the duration of the service work on your testing devices or to bridge short-term bottlenecks in your company, we are pleased to provide you with a suitable rental device.
Regardless of your undertakings, leasing enables you to equip yourself optimally, without tying up capital unnecessarily.
Commissioned measuremen

Commissioned measurements with protocol

If you haven’t used a test facility until now but you still need test reports, you can send the samples directly to Bareiss for commissioned measurement. After consultation, we undertake the sample preparation and choose an adequate method. You will receive your samples back in a timely manner, documented with the recorded measurement results.
Commissioned measurement under the influence of temperature
In our digiChamber we undertake commissioned measurements for you, with temperatures ranging between -30 °C and +180 °C. Discover more about hardness measurement under the influence of temperature under Company Profile / Press Reports / digiChamber.
We regularly offer training courses on the subject of hardness testing on rubber and plastics. We focus on your samples, verifying them in accordance with current standards. For the theoretical part, we introduce you to the basics, going into detail on the Shore and IRDH, as well as VLRH procedures.
Target group
Designers, quality inspectors and users of hardness testers.

Individual training

Are you interested in individual training for your employees? We would be more than pleased to put together a training course tailored to your needs.


Avoidance of measurement errors through the correct placement, embedding and positioning of samples – quality assurance.
All the information about content, speakers, venues, costs, etc. available upon request!
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