What is Calibration?

When a measuring instrument is being calibrated, the given deviation is determined by various measurements versus standard references. A calibration certificate is then issued indicating the measuring results and the corresponding measurement uncertainties and the instrument is marked as calibrated. All documents together with the calibration certificate provide traceability of national standards.

Why Calibration?

As technology is becoming more complex today, the verification and documentation of quality are becoming more demanded as well. The quality of measuring instruments has always been asked for high standard and it therefore provides a good reason why calibration is a must in certain cases.

  1. ISO serves as a common guideline to unify quality assurance procedure. For a company to be certified for DIN EN ISO 9001, it is obliged to strictly monitor their testing procedure and the instruments used should be calibrated, maintained and documented periodically. It is then this company can prove that all the required standards are completely compliant.

  2. As part of the quality assurance procedure, it is important that all measuring instruments are properly calibrated and maintained so that they can be used to ensure the liability of your products. This is a way to eliminate the possible cause of your measuring instruments should there be any incorrect measuring results or damage of your products.

Who can do calibration?

The DAkkS/DKD-calibration laboratories are among industrial companies, research institutes, technical authorities and inspection and testing institutes and all of which are accredited and monitored by the German accreditation body. These laboratories are authorized to perform calibration services on measuring instruments and material measures according to the officially defined procedures and measuring ranges. The DAkkS/DKD-calibration certificates are issued by these laboratories as a proof of traceability of national standards as required by DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Bareiss as an official DAkkS/DKD-calibration laboratory can perform calibration services on a wide range of material testing instruments on-premises and in the field and issue the official calibration certificates for them.


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