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Bareiss manufactures measuring devices, that are used in the production of most of the everyday products. Therefore, we are with you in almost every moment. We ensure that the steering of your car is comfortable. We ensure that cosmetics behave on your skin exactly as they should. We ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable on your mattress at night, or that your contact lenses do not feel like sand in your eyes, when you put them on in the bathroom in the morning, and that your toothbrush gives you a healthy, radiant smile. We ensure that the rubber seals of your washing machine hold tight. With Bareiss, you can break tablets according to your expectations and learn to tick luxury watches in a proper manner. Your favorite fruit gummi bears should feel the same every time you take a bite and it is easy to achieve with our instruments, which are used by a wide array of food companies. Given the fact that plastic is an art in itself, an entire industry cannot function without precise measurement results. You can take a guess which company is supplying the devices for all this.

Precision Meets Indulgence: HPE III Tobacco

Whether smokers or non-smokers – many people all over the world are familiar with the Dannemann Company. For over 140 years, we have been studying the topic of tobacco with great determination. To guarantee the best tobacco and meet the highest quality requirements, Dannemann has been growing its own tobacco for over a century.

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