Reliable determination of the operating tension of dryer felts, forming fabrics and press felts.

Measuring method

  • Sieve tension in N/cm (Newton per centimeter)
  • Sieve tension in PLI (pounds per linear inch)

Areas of application

The Tensiometer measures the tension of wires and felts on running and stationary paper machines.

Technical Specifications

Measurements W x D x H: 25 x 16,5 x 21,5 cm

Weight 2,8 kg


NMI – NMI (National Metrological Institute)

Metrological traceability (VIM 2.41):Property of a measurement result, whereby the result can be traced back to a reference, through a documented, uninterrupted chain of calibrations, each of which contributing to the measurement uncertainty.

Calibration reminder

In accordance with the calibration rhythm you have set, you will receive an automatic reminder that your hardness tester has to be calibrated soon, as a special service from our company. With the purchase of a new device, this reminder is initially sent annually, but it can be set at a specific interval you desire. You will usually receive the reminder approximately one month before the due date.

When it comes to determining the calibration rhythm, an optimum should be found between the calibration costs and the error costs.


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„The tester is also particularly suitable for ongoing operational control in order to detect tension changes and differences during the start-up phase after clothing changes.“


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Device: Tensiometer

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